Dirty Heads extend ‘Midnight Control’ and put Latin spin on “Island Glow”

Dirty Heads extend ‘Midnight Control’ and put Latin spin on “Island Glow”

Are you ready for the soundtrack of the summer? Time to pop on Dirty Heads’ Midnight Control Deluxe album! Recently released on July 14th with 13 new songs alongside three other artists.

One of which was their “Island Glow” collaboration featuring Monsieur Periné.

This new version is a beautiful, oceanic, a translucent shimmering light through the night; a song that will rock your world! Southern California’s reggae/rock/alternative/hip hop band, who can be classified in every genre, joined forces with Monsieur Periné from Bogota, Colombia. This band blends Latin and European sounds, bringing their assorted flavors to the table and making this song stand out even more! Dirty Heads treasure this collaboration and both absolutely love this song, expressing their love for music and their vastly divergent backgrounds, with a mutual admiration for each other’s artistry and talent. To sing the story for this epic pirate tale is such a special surprise. Together, their powers create this poetic, rhythmic, and edgy smoothness all at the same time. Listen to their voices blending together. Oh my God, it is so good! Really get into this catchy, melodic, poetic song, and listen to the remarkably interesting lyrics as they capture your soul and steal your heart.

Check out these powerful lyrics:
“A mi nadie me derrumba (nobody can break me down)… Porque yō vengo, del mar (because I come from the sea)…Mi voz con fuerza retumba (my voice resonates with strength)…

Those beautiful Latin lines lure you into another time, a time years before us. A time when pain was real and survival was for the fittest. Let’s talk about that sound! It slowly begins with a guitar strumming, then suddenly explosive lyrics: “picture this, drunk as shit, on a pirate ship in some shackles on the brig, with a couple cracked ribs”… Wow. I mean, we can all visualize the mayhem and hell. It’s a total beach vibe, deep ocean stuff that you can’t find anywhere else. There’s a story in this song, and you must listen carefully. As the pirates that they are, the story tells nothing but the truth.

Dirty Heads are unstoppable; they have a growing crew and are true to the bone.

They don’t act like rockstars; they’re pirates of the sea who happen to also make music! The Island Glow Tour has been sweeping the country like a sweet summer rainstorm, bringing their oceanic vibes to cool us all down and share their amazing energy that we all need! Many of you have attended some of their shows, and there are plenty more to come! This band is embarking on a voyage across the country, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be there. All hands on deck! See you in Florida!

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