Dry Reef ‘Daychange’ album review

The name of this east coast band, Dry Reef, rolls off the tongue in much the same sweet-sounding fashion as the group so often plays. The indie-surf rockers rose to prominence and managed to secure a nice following in a very short amount of time. The four band members are clearly overachievers because their new album titled Daychange is exceptionally clever and sure to win over current fans and newcomers alike.

Right from the start, it’s full-throttle with very little time to catch your breath.

Right from the start, it’s full-throttle with very little time to catch your breath. Opening track “Harmony” gives you a taste of what’s to come, with up-tempo, bright guitars and explosive drums that are characteristics of the whole album. “Come Away”, “The Wash” and “Bliss” took several listens through to move past, mainly just to carefully listen to the lyrical content and the monstrous riffs around them. Moving on to “Start It Up” would lead you to believe that they had stuck a mellow song in there for good measure, with an uncharacteristic opening that’s got some groove to it before normal service is resumed.

If you yearn for kick back and uplifting music, where rock is on the heavier side, you’ll find a lot to enjoy here. But make no mistake – Dry Reef maintains a drive and direction that sounds as instinctual as practiced. This is vital: modern-sounding music with bags of distinctiveness and character, but delivered with a healthy dose of familiarity.

Their sound is genuinely far greater than the sum of its influences due to the unique way they’ve molded and thrashed the songs into their own unique shape. Those big choruses and guitar riffs really do stick and demand your attention. The furious, yet melodic vocals ram home their message and give the listener something to sink their teeth into.

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Track listing

  1. Harmony
  2. Come Away
  3. Sweet
  4. The Wash
  5. Car Keys
  6. Start It Up
  7. Saucier
  8. Nowhere Fast
  9. Bliss
  10. Another Day

Dry Reef “Start It Up” official video:

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