E.N Young’s ‘Call On Me’ album review

E.N Young is an artist among the reggae-rock scene who seems to cherish both the American lifestyle, and the honor of Rastafarian reggae music. With his dreads hanging low, and often times freely on stage with his full-time band, Tribal Seeds, E.N Young is obviously a musician before anything else. His chosen genre is reggae music; however, not only does he participate in modern reggae-rock music, he also produces his own version of it, too.

He has journeyed far with his adopted band, but he has grown, incredibly, as a musician.

The solo artist recently released an album, titled Call On Me on April 7, 2016. What separates this album from previous ones is E.N Young appears to have grown both as a solo artist, and the keyboardist, melodica-player of Tribal Seeds. He has journeyed far with his adopted band, but he has grown, incredibly, as a musician.

There appears to be more energy, more pursuit, and more passion in this new album. The effects in his music are a signature trait, as well as his melodica and keyboard play. The style of his music obviously comes from that of roots-reggae music; however, E.N Young orchestrates it in a way that is progressive and modern. His lyrics are mostly inspirational, but really, when has E.N Young strived away from being inspirational towards others? As a solo artist, or with his band, Imperial Sound, E.N Young has consistently strived to shower his listeners with positive vibes, and positive music.

Notable songs include “Waiting for This,” “Cooyah Raggamuffin,” and “Fight.” The title track, “Call On Me” is not only the first song, but also sets the tone for the rest of the album. It reveals the growth of his music.

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Track listing

  1. Call on Me
  2. Waiting for This
  3. Just Be
  4. Get ‘Em Next Time
  5. Fight
  6. Melodica
  7. Cooyah Raggamuffin
  8. Interlude
  9. Don’t Burn Your Bridges (Live in San Diego)
  10. Just Be (Melodica Version)
  11. Raggamuffin (feat. Rankin Rios)

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Release Date: April 8, 2016 • 2016 Roots Musician Records

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