E.N. Young’s ‘Live Love Stay Up’ album review

It was roughly five years ago when an early E.N Young, roots reggae musician extraordinaire set the industry ablaze with his breakout solo album titled Luck & Chance No More under his very own label aptly named Roots Musician Records. Since then, he has helped countless musicians blossom, refining their sound and smoothing out the ever-present rough edges to form a sound that is complementary to the band, yet hold a unique sound that is distinctly recognizable. After producing the hit EP SoundWaves for Tribal Seeds, the San Diego native joined the Tribal Seeds family full time as keyboardist, melodica virtuoso, and the occasional floor tom drummer. The energy and passion that E.N. Young holds on stage is a truly remarkable. Each and every live show is performed as if it was his last, thrashing and swinging across the stage which is eventually dived off of and into the arms of the audience.

After years of laying out uncountable stepping stones and gently guiding bands into the right direction, it is now E.N Young’s turn to shine and position himself under the main spotlight. On January 20th, 2015, E.N. Young will release his sophomore album titled Live Love Stay Up which generously includes 27 tracks consisting of three versions (standard, dub and acoustic) of each track depending on your mood.

“Reggae music for a lot of people changed their life,” says E.N. Young in a recent interview with Top Shelf Reggae. “and it’s a positive, uplifting music that really hits people.”

Structurally, Live Love Stay Up bristles with bold ambition, featuring a parade of special guests…

Structurally, Live Love Stay Up bristles with bold ambition, featuring a parade of special guests such as Maad T-Ray, Steven Jacobo and Gonzo from Tribal Seeds, along with Hawaii’s favorite Ooklah the Moc, Kali Navales and Father Psalms. Starting off strong directly after hitting the play button is the opening track “Inspiration”. The vivacious and silky smooth track sets the tone for the album and heavily incorporates a deep layering of horns as well as the staple Young instrument — the melodica. Maad T-Ray gets behind the mic on this track as well, contributing to the slick, rootsy reggae track with bulletproof chorus. The track “Inspiration” truly underscores the talent and impeccable vision that E.N. Young holds within.

Another track worth noting is “Live”, featuring Ooklah the Moc, Kali Navales and Father Psalms. The overall tone features classic roots reggae along the lines of masters like Eek-A-Mouse and Don Carlos. The first-rate composition of this track most exemplifies the spirit of Live Love Stay Up.

There is a lot to like about this album. What is thoroughly impressive about this album is how utterly modern and fresh it sounds while remaining true to it’s roots. E.N. Young does an outstanding job with this collection which seems to get better with each listen.

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Live Love Stay Up track listing

  1. Inspiration feat. Maad T-Ray
  2. Eye of the Storm
  3. Be Back Real Soon
  4. Never Leave Your Side feat. Gonzo
  5. Overpowering Blessed Love feat. Tribal Seeds & Steven Jacobo
  6. Creation Rebel
  7. Live feat. Ooklah the Moc, Kali Navales & Father Psalms
  8. Love Love Love
  9. Stay Up
  10. Inspiration Dub
  11. Eye of the Dub
  12. Be Back Dub
  13. Never Leave Dub
  14. Overpowering Blessed Dub
  15. Creation Dub
  16. Live Dub
  17. Love Love Love Dub
  18. Stay up Dub
  19. Inspiration feat. Maad T-Ray (Acoustic)
  20. Eye of the Storm (Acoustic)
  21. Be Back Real Soon (Acoustic)
  22. Never Leave Your Side (Acoustic) feat. Gonzo
  23. Overpowering Blessed Love (Acoustic)
  24. Creation Rebel (Acoustic)
  25. Live feat. Kali Navales of Ooklah the Moc (Acoustic)
  26. Love Love Love (Acoustic)
  27. Stay Up (Acoustic)

E.N Young “Making of Live Love Stay Up”

Released January 20, 2015 • Roots Musician Records

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