Giant Walking Robots stimulates in ‘Out Into The Streets’ EP

Giant Walking Robots stimulates in ‘Out Into The Streets’ EP

Denver-based jam-tronica band Giant Walking Robots takes their reggae-infused anthems to the next level in their latest EP, Out Into The Streets. Comprised of four songs, the EP may be short and sweet, yet it packed with explosive talent from start to finish.

Vibey, bassy and full of food for thought… welcome to the realm of Giant Walking Robots.

For those unaware of this rising reggae rock name, Giant Walking Robots resemble a Passafire vibe: right when you think you know where the song is headed, it switches up completely. “Lonely Man” kicks off the EP with funky guitar licks and a bubble organ, psychedelic and exploratory at times when you least expect it. “Press It” follows next, with dismissive, yet cheeky lyrics like “I’ve been so enthused… cause you’re not here anymore”. GWR has learned the value of letting go of those no longer serving you. The third track in line is “Hold Us Down” — a mission statement of sorts. GWR says that they’re “bringing you a vibe”, one that cannot be suppressed or silenced. With EDM echoes and robotic elements, the band is audibly communicating their inner mechanics to the world. Defiance of the norm is the oil we run on. Speaking of running, the last song on the EP is titled just that. “Runnin” concludes the reggae rock journey with an upbeat tonal shift, allowing a smooth transition back to start if you wanted to replay the EP all over again.

Out Into The Streets is now available on all digital outlets. For more on Giant Walking Robots, make sure to follow the social links below.

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Track listing:

  1. Lonely Man
  2. Press It
  3. Hold Us Down
  4. Runnin

Cover photo by Jarred Media

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