Inna Vision ‘Highest Grade’ EP review

After nearly a decade of touring and making music, Maui’s first original roots reggae band, Inna Vision, has become known as veterans of the reggae scene and are looked up to by many bands – both old and new. This three-piece band has put out four full-length albums, four EP’s, a myriad of singles, and just released their 5th EP on March 3rd titled Highest Grade.

The 5-song EP shows just how much Inna Vision has evolved throughout the years, and how truly versatile they are as a band.

The 5-song EP shows just how much Inna Vision has evolved throughout the years, and how truly versatile they are as a band. Highest Grade has that reggae skank style with a fusion of hip-hop beats and booming bass lines, all the while staying true to their roots reggae background with uplifting and conscious lyrics. The song “Real Type of Cop” touches on injustices in the system, and shows just how real this issue is by adding recordings of actual water protectors fighting against the pipeline in North Dakota. After listening to the production and sound of the EP, you would never guess Inna Vision is only a 3-piece band until you hear the song “Back Trax” where he says, “8-piece sound, only 3 of us”. The title track, “Highest Grade” is the perfect fusion of the band’s reggae, dancehall, and hip-hop sound heard throughout the entire album; also on the EP is a dub version of the song done by Rick Haze, the artist and producer who recorded the album.

Highest Grade is still only the beginning of what’s in store for Inna Vision for the rest of 2017. They have just finished their Highest Grade headlining tour, and will soon be embarking on a North American tour as direct support for Katchafire on their Legacy Tour: celebrating 20 years of fiyah! The tour will start in Tuscon, Arizona and go through Texas, Florida, and then will travel back through Louisiana, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and finishing up in California. Tickets will go fast, so check upcoming tour dates for shows near you and make sure to get yourself a copy of Highest Grade, available on all digital outlets now! 

Download Highest Grade

Track listing

  1. Maadness
  2. Back Trax
  3. Highest Grade
  4. Real Type of Cop
  5. Highest Grade (Rick Haze Dub)

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