Iriefuse’s ‘Give & Get Back’ album review

Calling Northern California home and originally formed in 2011 operating by the name of Counter Culture, Iriefuse has been hitting the local scene hard, filling out countless calendar days and performing up and down the beautiful California coast.

As a follow up of their 2013 EP Sun Is Rising, the new full length album titled Give & Get Back is the band’s most recent offering which largely prospers from the cohesiveness of the five piece tight-knit band led by singer Joe Endoso. Joe’s soulful delivery in this collection is that of a gracious storyteller who has a great respect for the craft and shares a deep message in each track that will penetrate your soul. Having thoroughly listened to Give & Get Back a number of times through, the album will remind you of the warm summer nights spent under the stars with those most close to you.

“The album is a big step forward for us, and we’re happy to finally get it out and continue working on our music!”

The album opens up with a psychedelic, appropriately progressive track titled “Fyah” which packs a massively precise punch, setting off the album to a really nice start. If Jim Morrison, vocalist and mastermind of The Doors were to ever write a reggae-based song, it would sound like this.  The song starts small and then escalates until those ever so catchy delays and guitar solos are added at the pinnacle of the composition.

When asked how this release is different than their previous EP, lead singer Joe replied, “All around though I think the album has more substance and versatility musically than the EP and explores a few different themes and tones of our fusion sound, while reflecting the growth of the group throughout the band’s time thus far. The album is a big step forward for us, and we’re happy to finally get it out and continue working on our music!”

The fifth track down the line titled “When It’s Done” explodes through the headphones as Joe’s heavy hitting voice is reinforced by the raging power of instrumentals behind him. These men were just meant to play music together. Shawn’s bass guitar has a dominant presence on this track, covering the entire neck of his guitar and hitting those sweet, neglected high notes.

To summarize the course of the album’s ten tracks, the group presents an upscale and sonically complex compilation of music that challenges the listener as the lyrics weaves in and out of the smooth bass lines and gracefully treads with the keys and percussions. Iriefuse’s new Give & Get Back is a clear reflection on both the Northern California’s innovative music scene and its eclectic and broad culture.

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Give & Get Back track listing

  1. Fyah
  2. Give & Get Back
  3. The Man
  4. Dub Man
  5. When It’s Done
  6. Most High
  7. I’ll Be Your Root
  8. Follow Your Road
  9. Press On
  10. Melodica Dub

Iriefuse “When It’s Done”

Released April 5, 2015

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