Jah Sun’s ‘Magic & Madness’ is meticulously crafted for excellence

Jah Sun’s ‘Magic & Madness’ is meticulously crafted for excellence

West Coast artist Jah Sun will be gracing us with his seventh full-length album in this month titled Magic & Madness. Made up of nine tracks, the latest release features a considerable array of songs, extending from upbeat anthems to some more mellow-paced tracks as illustrated in “Tomorrow” or “Ancient Soul”.

Jah Sun doesn’t hesitate and jumps right in at the deep end with “Hold A Vibe”: a nicely paced, catchy-chorused introduction to the album. The track is vivacious and electrifying, with deep cutting riffs and a high-spirited fee,l which is refreshing to hear. Album producer Jallanzo has successfully brought out some of the best songwriting and has introduced a new sound from the artist sure to please his existing fans, as well as open the door to many more. Jah Sun adds, “One of the biggest takeaways from the process that took place with this record was realizing the synergy between me and my producer, Jallanzo. We discovered that we worked really well together and have that ‘artist-producer’ magic.”

“I chose the title of the album after returning from a month-long tour in India.”

Jah Sun’s work in creating this album was clearly meticulously crafted for excellence. He has a fearless and honest tone that is heard throughout, complimented by his smart and insightful lyrics. Jah Sun concludes, “I chose the title of the album after returning from a month-long tour in India. The region deeply inspired me and in my down time, I was able to meditate, pray and reflect on life. We truly live in a world of ‘Magic and Madness.’”

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Track listing:

  1. Hold A Vibe
  2. Tomorrow
  3. Wasted Time
  4. Sunshine
  5. Ancient Soul
  6. Law Of Attraction
  7. Suffering In Silence
  8. Law Of Attraction Dub
  9. Tomorrow Live Dub

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