Jungle Man Sam drops “Dive Deep” single

Toronto, Canada is the last place you think of when you hear ‘jungle man’. Indeed, Jungle Man Sam holds down a Canadian reggae presence, with music infused with pop, dance, soca, reggaeton and more. Seemingly born wanderlust, JMS transposes sounds from his exotic travels into song, serving his listeners a sweet slice of cultural pie with every track. After collaborating with Bad Royale’s Caribbean-infused EDM DJ production collective, Rude Mood Records, Jungle Man Sam is ready to debut a poppy dancehall love ballad for the masses (with a synth that’ll sway you).

Any fan of romance wants all or nothing, and JMS is standing at the tip of the proverbial plank ready for the plunge…

Released December 8th, “Dive Deep” delivers a catchy melody set to an electric kettledrum backbeat. This track could only be described as ‘effervescent’, as listeners are subtly encouraged to “drift away” into a dreamscape from its soft vocal delivery, an upbeat timbre and downright adorable lyrics. And, ladies, Jungle Man Sam knows how to bring the heat. Saying all the right things, “Deep Dive” will make any woman melt with lyrics like “I will always be faithful”, “every morning I crave you” and “I’ll be there when rains come down”. Any fan of romance wants all or nothing, and JMS is standing at the tip of the proverbial plank ready for the plunge – “I want to dive deep into ya”. A muted alto sax solo comes not once, but twice in the track, breaking up the song’s pop elements with a sweet sense of soul music. With an impressive vocal range and a chorus that’ll stay in your head for days, this track is destined to ascend the charts. Seriously, from this one example, JMS has the potential to rival Bieber on the radio waves while being featured in the next Disney movie montage. Don’t say we didn’t warn you when he does.

With some shows on the schedule for 2018 (including Reggae Rise Up Florida in March), North American fans of JMS have a chance to see the pop/reggae protégé in action within the next few months. Until then, visit www.junglemansam.com for all information on Jungle Man Sam.

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