KBong’s Hopes and Dreams album review

Kevin Bong, aka. “KBong” is a Hawaiian born and San Diego native, multi-instrumental artist who is well known for his ‘key’ role in Stick Figure.  Kbong’s first ever full solo studio album dropped June 17th, 2014 titled Hopes and Dreams which is now fully available on iTunes and Amazon. KBong has built up an significant audience through putting his solo material out there via social media and even performing as the opening act on several Stick Figure shows around the nation.

KBong’s tracks on this album have a very melodic flow and nimble sense of richness that resonates deeply, even after the last track of the album. The 14 track album of complete easy listening is capable of traveling its way to a distinct place into the hearts of anyone willing to close their eyes and let the music take over.

“Hold On” is the type of track that can drive everything else completely out of your field of attention for its entire duration.

Like most albums, there are a few notable tracks on this release that deserve mention. “Hold On” is the type of track that can drive everything else completely out of your field of attention for its entire duration. The track is beautifully constructed with elegant hints of horns that fill out the empty spaces and giving the track that dimensional and layered tone that only horns can do. “Livin Easy” is another one of those tracks that deserve mention. If you’re a Stick Figure fan, this one will truly feel familiar to you. Throughout the album, one could definitely point out the Stick Figure influences, however this track with the additional Scott Woodruff vocals really bring home that Stick Figure tone that you’re familiar with.

When asked how he would describe his music, KBong’s response was, “It’s definitely reggae. I mean just growing up in Hawaii, I definitely have a style of island reggae sound in my music. It also has little elements of the California reggae influence; so it’s a Hawaii reggae meets Cali’ reggae style. As far as vocal delivery, more island reggae style, but I can also get pretty mellow, like sort of Jack Johnson-y style.”

KBong has made some big strides here as an artist, planting his feet firmly in new grounds, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store in the future with this brand new foundation of his that he calls Hopes and Dreams.

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Track listing

  1. Hold On
  2. In Session
  3. Livin’ Easy (feat. Stick Figure)
  4. Opportunity (feat. Hirie)
  5. Fall in Love
  6. Groove
  7. Rising
  8. Hopes and Dreams
  9. In the Mood
  10. Into the Light
  11. Love Story
  12. We Had
  13. Broken Love
  14. Living in a Dream

KBong – Livin Easy (feat. Stick Figure)

Released: Jun 17, 2014

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