Locos por Juana ‘Crazy for Jane’ album review

Locos por Juana ‘Crazy for Jane’ album review

This year Locos por Juana has added to their already prolific list of studio offerings with a new album entitled Crazy for Jane, which features some of their best works to date. The album is overwhelming in not only the striking beauty of the music, but also in its wealth of diverse compositions. Crazy for Jane appears to be overflowing with musical inspiration and must be enjoyed as a whole to totally appreciate.

In Crazy for Jane, Locos por Juana found inspiration from everyday life. LPJ frontman Mark Kondrat mentions, “We make music because music heals us and we use every day and the experiences from those moments when we write.” He adds, “Life, our family, situations we find ourselves in, our life goals and mission — as well as our destiny — is all the inspiration we needed for the new album, Crazy for Jane.”

“We are happy with the collection of tracks we are presenting to the world and can’t wait to share them.”

One important aspect that separates Locos por Juana’s compositional style from many other artists is their commitment to creating beautiful, captivating, Latin-based melodies. Delivering all of the sounds, feels and techniques that their fans love, LPJ — at the same time — never forfeits the important nuances of their true melodic tone, which is absolutely refreshing.

The majority of the album was recorded in the world renowned Studio 26 in Miami and features artists like Jamaican living legend Freddie McGregor, GRAMMY-nominated Common Kings, hip hop artist ¡MAYDAY! and producer/artist Maffio (who has worked with the likes of Akon, Farruko, Ky-mani Marley).

Creating the track for Freddie McGregor was an amazing experience for the band. Mark reflects, “I knew I wanted to write in a Lovers Rock style, which is essentially a reggae love song. I spent three-four days writing an instrumental that just wasn’t coming to life, so I decided to put that aside and started writing something fresh and wrote the entire instrumental in one session. The next day, I presented the track to Itawe and he wrote the chorus almost as soon as he heard the music.” He continues, “This song was inspired by love and perseverance. The best things in life don’t come easy and when something feels right, the only answer is ‘yes’!”

Crazy for Jane is a collection of 10 songs that capture their own unique brand of reggae and Latin tunes with intense backing instrumentals, all of which combine to make an album that packs a punch with every note. From start to finish, Crazy for Jane is a solid addition to Locos por Juana’s discography. Balancing between fast-paced tracks like “Roots! Roots!” and the title track “Crazy for Jane” to slower songs, like “Children of the Light” and “Baby, Don’t Rush”, the band has found the perfect balance between edgy and laidback vibes.

Reflecting back, Locos por Juana comments, “We want to take a second to thank our familia and God for all the opportunities to make music every day and to do what we love. We are happy with the collection of tracks we are presenting to the world and can’t wait to share them.”

All in all, Locos por Juana’s Crazy for Jane is a very listenable, upbeat release perfect for summer, with songs that feature loud riffs, passionate vocals and melodies that will stick with the listener after the echoes of the final tracks have died down.

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Track listing:

  1. A Light In The Morning
  2. La Solucion
  3. Don’t Tell Me No, feat. Freddie McGregor
  4. Roots! Roots!, feat. ¡MayDay!
  5. Me Dolio (Bye, Bye)
  6. Crazy For Jane, feat. Common Kings
  7. Children of the Light
  8. Te Quiero Tener
  9. Me Interesa, feat. Maffio
  10. Baby, Don’t Rush

Locos por Juana ft. Common Kings “Crazy for Jane” official video:

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