Metal band, Inimical Drive strips down track “Nothing New” to raw acoustic sound

Metal band, Inimical Drive strips down track “Nothing New” to raw acoustic sound

St. Louis, Missouri is known for their musical diversity and rich in culture. Thriving artists exploding from their very well in doubt music scene. One band that comes to mind is the band Inimical Drive, from the land of the artists and musicians of all genres and then some into the music industry realm.

Wait for it, this song is going to get you pumped to become a fan if you have not already heard of them. “Nothing New (Stripped)” is the acoustic version of the track from their recently released EP, From Solitude, with a new view and approach. Many of us can relate to heartache and losing someone or something we value. This band wants to express their true grit and conquering their own souls to change it up and drop it like it’s hot. I listened to this song at least 10 times, and every time I hear something I missed before.

That is what music is all about!

“Nothing New” will grip your heart and take you to a nice solid place to truly remember what it feels like to feel anything at all. This band has dedicated their lives to music and are on a super forward track to what they deserve and worked hard for. Inimical Drive delivers heavy metalcore, rock, with acoustic blends, and this song will be remembered for sure. Turn it up super loud, listen to the lyrics and just let go.

Inimical Drive have background inspired by death metal, to hardcore and to acoustic jam sessions. They blend melodic and aggressive. Playing for many years have shared stages with heavy hitters on the Inkcarcertation Festival sharing stages with Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin and Korn. Not only are they blowing up right now, but they have also been evoked in another level featured on Revolver, iHeartRadio, Noisecreep, and other enormous situations. They are now engaging in another part of their music careers, and we get to witness it come into fruition.

Check out their next tour coming up with OTEP on 12 dates, entitled the Sermons of Fire tour, kicking off in May 10th on their mission to totally show the music industry these guys were born for this. They have that sound that many will enjoy of all genres. Do not get it twisted, they have that old school mentality with the new sound and badass realness that we need more of today. We crave it, we need it, and we all search for it.

Go listen to this healing, painful and freeing song “Nothing New” stripped down for your soulful listening pleasure.

I lied, I listened to it more than 20 times. F*cking love it!

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