Mortimer debuts EP ‘Fight The Fight’

Mortimer debuts EP  ‘Fight The Fight’

With recent credits on Protoje’s latest albums, Mortimer just debuted his new EP, Fight The Fight, and steps into the spotlight. The EP was released digitally in November, with physical CD and vinyl versions coming out officially January 31st, 2020.

Mortimer’s first two offerings from the EP, titled “Careful” and “Lightning”, have already made great impressions in the reggae universe, being featured by BBC Radio’s David Rodigan and selected by Apple Music Editors as one of only two Jamaican records to make an appearance on their ‘Best of 2019’ Editorial Playlist.

The six-track EP was released under Easy Star Records and produced under the guidance of GRAMMY-nominated producer Winta James, who has worked alongside Chronixx, Damian Marley, Protoje and a host of other artists across the globe.

“This body of work is a piece of where my mind and heart are at.”

Most of the songs stay in the mid-paced territory, though there are both faster and slower sections throughout the album to create a sense of dynamics. The majority of the material on Fight The Fight is well-crafted and has an epic feel to it, suitable to the lyrical content. Album stand-outs “Lightning” and “Careful” are prime examples of this, both well-written, memorable and rooted in the same foundations which spawned the genre’s greats. The result is an indisputably full sound, one in which you can practically cut with a knife.

To accompany the track “Lightning”, Mortimer has also released a beautifully shot video directed by Pete Beng, which premiered at The Fader and has already reached over one million views. Don’t forget to check out the video below!

“We all fight or have had to fight different battles in life,” says Mortimer. “Even if we all experience differently, we can all relate in some way or another to that feeling. All in the name of staying alive, we fight. Inspiration comes from all around: my relationship with my wife, my relationship with others around me, my relationship with this world, but to be inspired, you have to open your heart – much wider than you do your eyes. Seeing and feeling go hand in hand, yet are so different from each other. We must seek, not only to be inspired, but to inspire as well.”

He adds, “This body of work is a piece of where my mind and heart are at. I’m grateful for being able to work with such a great producer [Winta James] and manager [Claire Osman]. Working with Winta James has been really great so far. I think we have something special together musically and I really am excited to see what the future holds as we continue to take our time to feel the music we’re creating, so others can feel it as well.”

All in all, Fight The Fight is an album created by a cohesive ensemble of talented players with decades of experience and a singular vision, which makes it, as a result, such a joy to listen to.

Purchase or stream Fight The Fight album:

Track Listing:

  1. Careful
  2. Lightning
  3. Misery
  4. Fight The Fight
  5. Style & Grace
  6. No Lies

Mortimer “Lightning” official music video:

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