New album ‘Lifted’ released by TreeHouse!

The reggae triad of TreeHouse! representing Myrtle Beach, South Carolina just released their latest LP Lifted on March 10th – their third studio album in five years. Following the band’s self-titled debut in June 2011 and their sophomore album Growth of May 2013, Lifted continues to prescribe a leisurely lifestyle to TreeHouse! listeners and promote self-improvement along the way. Notably, the LP was recorded and mixed by Wolfgang Zimmerman and mastered by More Sounds Studio’s Jason “Jocko” Randall, a man who’s resume includes John Brown’s Body, Easy Star Records and more.

With psychedelic motifs and a heavy walking bassline, each track offers encouraging lyrics towards betterment

Lifted combines elements of jam band, reggae, ska, and rock executed through a wide array of instruments to create its essence. With psychedelic motifs and a heavy walking bassline, each track offers encouraging lyrics towards betterment with titles like “Embrace the Change”, “Follow Your Calling” and “On The Road”; even though “Growth” labeled their last album, it is apparent that ‘still growing’ is TreeHouse!’s current theme. The first single being advertised off the LP is “Look into the Stars”: a lively track with hip-hop style vocals, a unique horn riff, a funky beat and an electric guitar interlude which allows an edgy break from a somewhat poppy melody.

The band plans to be on the road broadcasting their music until next November, so look for TreeHouse! on your local marquees. The newest album is attainable on all digital outlets and with the band’s “get ‘Lifted'” mantra in mind, it is evident that the boys of TreeHouse! are determined to climb all the way up the rope-ladder of success.

Preview and download Lifted from:

Lifted track listing:

  1. Embrace the Change
  2. On the Road
  3. Look into the Stars (feat. Zach Fowler)
  4. Guru
  5. Babylon Pressure
  6. Take It Away
  7. Just Another Day [Explicit]
  8. Follow Your Calling
  9. Que Sera
  10. Mellow
  11. Love of Money
  12. Feelin’ Irie

TreeHouse! performs “Blessings” on Sugarshack Sessions

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