New Dale and the ZDubs single is “Off The Rip”

New Dale and the ZDubs single is “Off The Rip”

One of the most interesting components of Dale and the ZDubs’ music is the opposition. Every song dropped by these guys sounds fun. There is a Ska-type, high energy sound brought about by the bouncing instrumentals that are paired with Dale’s hilarious commentary sprinkled throughout the verses. The opposition comes when the listener takes a moment to comprehend the message Dale and the ZDubs are delivering. Well aware of the countless social injustices we all face, DZD does not shy away from openly talking about the things most people don’t want to discuss. The new single, “Off The Rip”, out today, is no different.

“Off The Rip” comes at you straight.

Vocals and instrumentals hit all at once. The opposition I was referring to is a bit more evident on this track as Dale opens up with lyrics about addiction and offers an apology to his mama. Referencing the time he spent incarcerated (a story for another time), Dale poetically discusses how he’s changed, how he drifted away from the person he considered himself to be but offers his gratitude to those still around even though “the bottom fell out”.

Musically, these guys have mastered the reggae-ska genre. Even more impressive is the fact that they do so without any horns. Dale and the ZDubs are Dale (vocals, guitar), Miles (drums), Johan (keys), Pat (guitar), and Julian (bass). By definition, ska music is happy, fun sort of music. When listening to “Off The Rip” the fast pop music with a strong beat is heard in the pounding off beats of the bass line, the sharp key blasts, and the flowing melody of the electric guitar.

Around the two-minute mark, the DZD boys slow things down with a more rock sound repeating “so close, to dreams of you and to dreams of me” before bringing things back up with a heavy beat paired with “I got you and you got me”. Pure poetry.

If you haven’t snagged it from your preferred streamlining platform, I suggest you do so now. Actually, grab the whole discography while you’re at it.

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