New Kingston ‘Kingston University’ album review

Few reggae artists from the last few years have been as hard working and prominent in the genre, while still being as charismatic and down to earth as these three guys from Brooklyn, New York. New Kingston is passionately admired by not only their hardcore fans, but each and every band as well. Their touring history is just mind boggling to say the least, with support from Rebelution, The Dirty Heads, Tribal Seeds, Pepper, SOJA and every reggae rock band under the sun.

New Kingston’s second full studio album titled Kingston University dropped this week in early February and it’s among the trios finest efforts at pairing reggae with R&B and hip hop.  This pairing, which New Kingston dubbed as “Reggae Crossover”, is the core and lifeblood of the bands success.

Kingston University should be a great addition to your collection…

Kingston University is a great continuation of their first album In the Streets, which released three years prior. The sound, tone and overall style set in Kingston University varied a bit from track to track, which is not necessarily a negative thing at all, but merely showcasing that there is indeed much talent in the band’s musical spectrum.

Our “must listens” from the album include

“Life” Right off the bat, the leading track off the 14 song album perks up the ears with a lyrically and musically harmonious number to life’s struggles.  The track is very well produced and truly illustrates the talents of the three Brooklyn boys.

“La La La” from track number seven has a much more R&B emphasis, although still reggae dominant. Lyrically, this track is exceedingly smooth with a very catchy chorus that has you singing throughout the day.

We were very excited to hear that New Kingston, after three years, released a new album. Kingston University should be a great addition to your collection as well as being a part of your everyday rotation.  The tour crazy kids really do have something good going for them and it makes us extremely happy to see them doing so well.

Released February 5, 2013 • Ineffable Records

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