No Kings shines with ‘Steady Yourself’ EP

Ocean Beach band No Kings is back in action with Steady Yourself, a brand new four-track EP! No Kings hit the ground running since their start in 2013, rolling out three recorded releases in three years. By 2015, the band pumped the brakes, slowing their roll to bring out the best in their music and four years later, boy, did they bring it. Steady Yourself exemplifies everything you want out of beach life: surf vibes, bar scenes and smoky memories. If you have never ventured south to San Diego’s Ocean Beach community, then you might not understand the vortex that inhabitants can find themselves in there. 10 years can fly by to find yourself still sitting at the same bar running into the same friends. However, living the high life (literally) might render some reality checks, brought forth courtesy of No Kings.

‘Steady Yourself’ exemplifies everything you want out of beach life…

Steady Yourself starts out with the title track, a playful walking bass and a heavy guitar. Such differing tonalities allows the song’s subject matter of drinking with a vengeance to be spelled out in sound form: we find it fun to beat ourselves up weekend after weekend. Why do we do poison ourselves with long night’s out over and over? “Steady Yourself”, my friend, before you dive too far out the deep end. As you chiggity check yourself before you wreck yourself, take the time to pipe down on some fresh ganja with an old acquaintance. “Friendly Fire” suggests what better way to catch up with an old flame than some herb. Talk about rekindling the fire. Song number three, “Kooks’ Revenge”, takes you on a wild instrumental ride, surf rock styley. With news reports advising people to stay indoors echoing in and out in psychedelic fashion, listeners get a glimpse into manic minds prowling the streets. And, last but not least, the EP ends with “On the Floor”, complete with a bubble organ and a ska beat. A muted trombone meanders the background as lyrics like “you know I catch myself slippin’ up a time or two” set the scene for this upbeat party song. Finding yourself with the sun in your eyes wandering a “back alley” at God knows what time… who hasn’t been there?

No Kings has outdone themselves once again, maintaining a positive outlook even if some of the songs come with lessons to learn. Steady Yourself is out now on all digital outlets and to commemorate its release, the OB boys are already on the road promoting it! Stretching from San Diego to San Francisco and back, you can catch this lively band in action throughout April. For more information, visit their shiny new website at

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Track listing:

  1. Steady Yourself
  2. Friendly Fire
  3. Kooks’ Revenge
  4. On the Floor

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