Papa Roach returns with ‘Ego Trip’ album

Papa Roach returns with ‘Ego Trip’ album

Papa Roach fans — it is now time to fill those eardrums with new tunes! The rap metal band’s astounding eleventh album has just been released, so let’s dive into these amazing fresh tracks from a longtime genre heavyweight.

The first song off the album, “Kill The Noise”, is completely different from anything Papa Roach has done in the past. This one starts out the album with a bang, setting the tone for the rest of the album. It also stands as the second single released before the title track was even announced!

Song two, “Stand Up”, is more anthem driven — definitely a song that can pump you up!

I love this one because of its opening lyrics: “I hear you banging on that battle drum when we play this song // All my people rise up // We bout to set it off.” I absolutely love it. Get ready for a song with a lot of replay value! “Swerve” (aka, song three) is the first single released for Ego Trip and is, in my opinion, pure fun. “Swerve” packs video game references galore, really showcasing the rapping skills of band frontman and lead singer Jacoby Shaddix.

Moving right along, the next track “Bloodline” gets the heart pumping: “I get cold feet running through the summer in the hot heat”… these are the type of lyrics I love from Papa Roach. What a rhyme scheme — both clever and entertaining. Needless to say, I have this one on repeat. That said, I like to move onto track five, one of my favorite songs on the new album! “Liar”, with its deep lyrics, is definitely a song fans are going to gravitate towards. That’s all I’m going to say about this song; you’ll just have to experience it for yourself.

If you’re not having the best time yet, here comes the title track, or (as I like to label it) my second favorite song off the album. The opening guitar riff really just makes you want to dance, with lyrics right out the gate: “I got a mad man living in my head, man // He ain’t got no sense, man // He ain’t paying rent.” This notion, paired to an exceptionally energetic chorus, is why I see “Ego Trip” as a song I listen to over and over again. I’m sure I’m not the only one doing so, either!

And, the album ain’t over, folks! Midway through the rundown sits “Unglued”, yet another song with resounding lyrics: “Why would we try to bury ourselves? // And, cover the lies with the stories we tell?” I love when Shaddix asks questions like this, really making you think introspectively while melting your face off. I see a lot of people appreciating this tune for its powerful message. “Dying To Believe” is the third official single released for Ego Trip; it’s a song that says we are all the same under our skin. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Right when you get comfortable, up pops “Killing Time” — one I wasn’t expecting at all.

It goes so hard on the riffs, taking me back to the first time I ever heard Papa Roach’s 2000 hit, “Last Resort”. Lifetime fans will definitely enjoy ‘killing time’ with this album, I can promise you that! After the rush wears off, Papa Roach takes it down with “Leave A Light On”, a beautiful ballad and nice break from the rock side of this album. “Always Wandering” picks up the pace, with Shaddix singing “I can’t recall what I can’t remember”, showing he’s not afraid to get a little personal. Oh, who am I kidding? This whole album is personal and hits you right in your feelings.

“No Apologies” has already become one of my favorite songs with opening lyrics like “I hope you know you don’t have to say you’re sorry // You don’t have to live with the heartache you keep // Cause, I don’t need no apologies.” Stationed second to last in line is “Cut The Line”, another single fans were blessed with before the official album release. I love this song — it feels like a UFC fighter’s entry song, with pulse-pounding riffs. Rock and metal fans alike can get behind it: “Are you tangled up inside? // Is it something that you hide? // If you listen to the voice inside // C-c-c-cut the line.” This song feels like such a powerful force of nature, definitely a banger to blast loudly and jam out to. Last, but not least, the final song is “I Surrender” — a perfect song to end the album. This track is pure Papa Roach.

Papa roach has done it yet again. This is an album with no skips whatsoever. If there’s a deluxe edition in the works, I can’t wait to see what it would hold! Being the band’s eleventh album, you just can’t ask for more. Jacoby Shaddix and Papa Roach, thank you for staying true to your sound and surprising me once more. Stream ‘Ego Trip’ today via the links below!

Purchase or stream ” album:

Track listing:

  1. Kill The Noise
  2. Stand Up
  3. Swerve, feat. FEVER 333 & Sueco
  4. Bloodline
  5. Liar
  6. Ego Trip
  7. Unglued
  8. Dying To Believe
  9. Killing Time
  10. Leave a Light On
  11. Always Wandering
  12. No Apologies
  13. Cut The Line
  14. I Surrender

Papa Roach – “No Apologies” lyric video:

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