Ras Fraser Jr. releases “Source of Life” single

From a very early age, Ras Fraser Jr. knew that music was his calling. He strives to not only be an accomplished musician, but among the greats of the reggae genre. And, who could blame him? There have been countless reggae idols to worship over the years, from the birth of reggae to what it has transformed into today. Ras actually takes the art of music so seriously, that he almost considers it to be otherworldly: an ethereal experience for everyone involved – be it the listener, the performer or the composer. With so much negativity and evil enveloping the world, music is a medium that transcends reality and transports its listeners to a safe haven, away from the chaos. In music, you are offered salvation. 

music is a medium that transcends reality and transports its listeners to a safe haven, away from the chaos.

Ras Fraser Jr. preaches positivity, both in life and within his lyrics, which is amazing considering his background. Although now living in Kingston, Jamaica, Ras grew up in Portmore, St. Cathirine. Being a citizen of that area, Ras knows first-hand how much Caribbean countries have suffered through injustices, both in modern-day and throughout history. Do you think American reggae artists know an inkling of what is actually required to “get up, stand up” for their rights, for their liberty? How about what it really means – and feels like – to daily ‘pray to Jah’ for deliverance? Yeah, not so much… Ras Fraser Jr. thus dedicates his life to producing beautiful music filled with uplifting messages as a result of the maltreatment embedded in his culture’s past. 

The new single, “Source of Life”, is off Ras Fraser Jr.’s upcoming album Journey to Greatness, which has a release date yet to be determined. However, if the rest of the LP matches this catchy track, fans of reggae definitely have something to look forward to! “Source of Life” is about – you guessed it – Ras’ love for music. It makes you “feel so good”, a joy only comparable to that of justice in this life. With a harmonized chorus, this track is melodic – really showing off Ras’ vocal range. Ras recognizes past reggae greats, saying that he appreciates the groundwork that they have laid to guide his own creative path. He calls out Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and The Wailers, among other lesser known reggae artists of yesteryear, all of whom have made the genre grow in ways he can only hope to achieve. The ultimate moral of the track is that music is not only a cure-all for human emotion, but also an entity that remains around long after we leave this earth – “just remember, the music live on”. If books are being discarded as ancient tools to the internet and history is repeating itself, at least we have music for the next generation to learn from, to build upon, to live by. Leave your legacy through lyrics and hope for the best.

Ras Fraser Jr. is currently not touring while he works to wrap-up the full-length LP. As a part of the Rebel Sound Recording team, it isn’t a stretch of the imagination that Ras Fraser Jr. will inevitably be taking his talent on the road once the album comes out. Fingers crossed.

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Track listing

  1. Source of Life

Release Date: June 10, 2016 • Copyright: (C) 2016 Rebel Sound Records 

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