Rebelution relishes life ‘In The Moment’

Rebelution relishes life ‘In The Moment’

What does it mean to be ‘in the moment’? Is it appreciating life as it comes? Is it focusing on only the here and now? Is it being grateful for everything that’s happened or will happen? According to Rebelution’s new album, In The Moment, it’s all the above. 

Created remotely in the thick of quarantine via Easy Star Records, In The Moment beautifully celebrates the notion of simply existing, while bridging the gap between what we have all come to know and love from Reb, with fresh, unexpected sounds like retro-funk, blues (℅ Durand Jones on “That Zone”) and even some Middle Eastern flavor for good measure. Heavy features from Jamaican artists Keznamdi, Busy Signal and Kabaka Pyramid round out these 15 songs into a set that’s all but begging to be played in the Cali Roots Bowl next May. And, if you can’t wait that long, catch them on their Good Vibes Summer Tour alongside Steel Pulse, The Green, Keznamdi and DJ Mackle, kicking off August 5th at the Woodward Park Rotary Amphitheater in Sacramento. 

There’s no question quarantine did us all dirty, but this album shines a light on the silver linings and new perspectives being locked in our homes for six months gave us.

In The Moment is a fervent reminder of the beauty that is life — the here, now, all-encompassing, collective moments that make us ‘us’. “No regrets, leave nothing behind,” band frontman Eric Rachmany sings to our universal resonance in “To Be Younger”. Beware, this Blind Melon-esque song (both versions, as there is an acoustic edition tacked on the end of the album) might make you cry… or at least deeply contemplate what you’ve done with your life. Especially if, like most of us, you feel middle age creeping closer and closer, the proverbial biological clock ticking away and youth slipping through your fingers. 

Introspective and brooding in nature (like much of 2020), In The Moment gives an exclusive, almost voyeuristic look into the deepest thoughts of Rebelution: the things the members reminisce about (cue “Old School Feeling”), the things they desire (cue “Initials”) and the things that made them who are they are today (cue “All or Nothing”). The latter is a literal guide to being successful, filled with genius tips and real-life advice from Rachmany and Busy Signal:

  1. “Get on a mission, put some power in your name.”
  2. “Don’t … play the blame game.”
  3. “Rise before the sunshine.”
  4. “Keep your eyes on the focus and the goals.”
  5. “Recognize your value and know your worth.”

Call these life hacks, inspirational easter eggs or hidden gems, “All or Nothing” is the kick in the pants we all need to hear sometimes. Coming from a band with hundreds of millions of streams, a GRAMMY-nomination, five consecutive #1 albums on the Billboard Reggae charts and innumerous sold-out stages, they maybe — just maybe — know what they’re talking about. 

Deliberation on this past year can be sobering.

Even if quarantine didn’t bring us what we expected, let In The Moment be a reminder to appreciate what you have right here, right now. The bad, the good, the failures, the successes, the losses, the wins… all of those things molded you into the person reading this article. If you take anything from this album with you, let it be the line “even failure can lead us to growth” from “Places Unknown” and throw some pride on your name. Because, after the past year, we all deserve to feel like we came out on top. This album is now available on all digital outlets via the links below.

Purchase or stream ‘In The Moment’ album:

Track listing:

  1. Satisfied
  2. Old School Feeling
  3. Heavy as Lead
  4. To Be Younger
  5. Initials
  6. 2020 Vision, feat. Kabaka Pyramid
  7. All or Nothing, feat. Busy Signal
  8. You and I
  9. Adapt, Survive
  10. Future Depends
  11. That Zone, feat. Durand Jones
  12. Simply Captivating
  13. Places Unknown, feat. Keznamdi
  14. What Life Is
  15. To Be Younger – Acoustic

Rebelution – “All or Nothing”, feat. Busy Signal

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