Reggae Angels release ‘Remember Our Creator’ album

Reggae Angels release ‘Remember Our Creator’ album

Better times are here, my friends! It’s time to put on that relaxing music and await our upcoming music-packed summer! Coming in hot from Oakland, California, Reggae Angels are ecstatic to present their 15th album, Remember Our Creator, with GRAMMY Award-winning production duo Sly & Robbie. This light, fun body of work was officially released on April 2nd and was produced by Kings Music International. Remember Our Creator features 12 tracks spanned over two discs in the must-have physical package, including dub and vocal versions of the masterpieces. It’s sure to unwind your mind and get you a happy mood.

You can’t help taking a deep breath and smiling when you’ve got on ‘Remember Our Creator’. 

Lead singer of Reggae Angels Peter “Fention” Wardle is quoted on revealing his concepts for the newest release: “The title ‘Remember Our Creator’ reminds us all to remember God and to live with the fear of God — to keep us watching and checking how we live that it is truly continuously positive. This concept unites humanity, knowing that it is the One Creator that gave us all our existence, our bodies, our minds and all of our attributes. This makes us all equal in the oneness of God, as we are all His creations.” 

If you are looking for an uplifting reggae moment, this is it! You’ll fall in love with the harmonious voices, singing great messages over some of the most soothing reggae. “Love is the answer” and “show mercy to another” are two of the warm themes found throughout the album. Other musicians delightfully featured on the album are Dwight Pinkney, Dean Fraser, Ronald “Nambo” Robinson, Addis “Pablo” Swaby, Chris Meredith, Patrick Murray and Franklyn “Bubbler” Waul. 

“Emotionally, the album reminds me of God and a serious sense of purpose as a servant of God. It makes me feel an awareness of God and it makes me feel happy to hear the messages in melodies and song. As I continue to play the album and get to know it better, I appreciate the musical interaction of the various parts in the music,” Fenton continues. “I hope this album will spread out and be heard by many more people worldwide than the past Reggae Angels albums and I hope for this album to be a source of guidance, hope and upliftment and I hope it positively impacts many people.”

A world class act in themselves, Reggae Angels have delivered a divine, uplifting sound across the world — an experience that has let them continuously reach a global audience. With tours done across Europe, North America and performances done in Africa and South America, they have brought a truly universal sound and message that the whole world can enjoy. Wherever you are, Remember Our Creator will transport you to a sunny afternoon of love and peace. Don’t hesitate on getting your copy today! 

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Track listing:

  1. Contentment
  2. One Heart
  3. Positive Way
  4. Gratitude
  5. Look To The Good
  6. Love and Mercy
  7. Goodness
  8. It Is Possible
  9. Remember Our Creator
  10. God Fearing
  11. Tribulations
  12. Strive

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