Roots of Creation ‘Livin Free’ album review

To some of us here at Top Shelf Reggae, there is something sweet and unique when it comes to the mixing of reggae and rock music. Not only does the infamous skank of reggae seem to overtake our listening ears, but the rock music appears to pump the adrenaline in our body! Well, that is the impression we get, anyway, after listening to Roots of Creations latest album, Livin Free.

Roots of Creation has not only given their listeners a reason to jam along to their good vibes music, but they have created a deluxe album which includes acoustic and dub remix versions of their brand new songs. Otherwise, the eighteen songs in their standard version are enough to draw in any reggae-rock fan immediately! It is abundantly clear that this New Hampshire band knows their reggae and rock music.

the album speaks of courage and journeying through life

Utilizing (guest) horns, a good skanking guitar, easy grooves, and diversified effects, the band combines this with unapologetic lyrics. The background keys help bring in the reggae listener and ease the bits of truth spat out throughout the album. Sure, some of the songs are laidback and fun, but overall, the album speaks of courage and journeying through life – maybe even a political life.

Notable songs include “Get Ready,” “I’ll Be There,” “Stay With Me,” “Uplift,” “Row Jimmy,” “Different,” “Policy,” “Strength,” and “Punk RoC” is quite fun! Special guests include Melvin Seals (Jerry Garcia Band), Marshall Ras MG Goodman (Sublime, Long Beach Dub Allstars), the Rubblebucket horn section, Billy Kottage (Reel Big Fish), Pato Banton, and Mighty Mystic.

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Track listing

  1. Get Ready (feat. Ras MG) [Ras MG Remix]
  2. Different (feat. Rubblebucket Horns)
  3. 3x a Lady (feat. Yeti Beats) [Yeti Beats Remix]
  4. Oh Lord
  5. Uplift
  6. Struggle (feat. Ras MG) [Ras MG Remix]
  7. Rubber Bullets
  8. I’ll Be There
  9. Punk RoC
  10. Searchin’
  11. Policy (feat. Mighty Mystic & Rubblebucket Horns)
  12. Row Jimmy
  13. Stay With Me
  14. Strength
  15. A Time Will Come (feat. Pato Banton)
  16. Struggle (feat. Ras MG & Melvin Seals) [Skankin’ Mix]
  17. Rubber Bullets
  18. Policy (feat. Mighty Mystic & Rubblebucket Horns)

Roots of Creation “Struggle” acoustic

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Release Date: April 22, 2016 • (C) 2016 Bomb Shelter

(*guest horns = Rubblebucket horns, but the band also has a trombone and sax player.)

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