Savoring summer thanks to SUM SUN’s hit, “Tan Lines” with Surfer Girl

Savoring summer thanks to SUM SUN’s hit, “Tan Lines” with Surfer Girl

Ineffable Records is set to make this summer unforgettable for all the sun-kissed souls out there! With the release of “Tan Lines,” a sensational collaboration between SUM SUN and Surfer Girl, you’re in for the perfect soundtrack to wrap up your summer and kickstart the fall season with a bang.

“Tan Lines” is more than just a song; it’s a narrative that takes you back to those cherished summer days when you met that special someone. Think about hanging out with friends, beach parties that never seemed to end, and day drinking that extended well into the moonlit night. The infectious rhythm and heartwarming lyrics of this track will transport you to a place where you can almost feel the cool ocean waves brushing against your toes.

It captures the initial excitement of summer – the desire to have fun and be carefree.

“How did tan lines in the summertime // Turn into something so real? // How did day drinks and long nights with you make me start to feel?

SUM SUN has a reputation for their originality and eclectic musical creativity. They have cultivated a dedicated fan base with their unique blend of EDM with a twist of reggae rock. Their organic instrumental style, coupled with catchy hooks, has garnered them over 2 million cumulative streams and even earned them features in People Magazine and Rolling Stone. SUM SUN with Surfer Girl is a testament to their innovation, combining a fusion of sounds, meaningful lyrics, and captivating melodies.

Surfer Girl, on the other hand, has been making waves of their own. Their latest album, Noon, has captured the hearts of the nation with its sultry beach vibes, a fusion of rock and funky beats that leave audiences craving more at every performance. As you read this, they are on tour, spreading their infectious energy to fans across the country.

“Tan Lines” is a song that you simply cannot afford to miss. The track encapsulates the essence of summer romance and the exhilarating feeling of taking a chance on love.

So, as the summer sun begins to set and the autumn leaves start to fall, remember to seize the moment, cherish those memories, and keep the spirit of “Tan Lines” alive.

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