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As the web of reggae continues to be woven here in the United States, artists connect the past and present through songwriting that echoes a flowing engagement between modern and legitimate roots reggae tones. Too often is this pitch misrepresented as authenticity, and bands afraid to develop their own sound, for the most part don’t last the test of time. Of one west coast’s most promising acts that reflect the true identity through songwriting and performance is Sol Seed. Based out of Eugene, Oregon the five member band has been picking up momentum since their 2012 album Grown Deep and live performances attracting devoted new fans at every venue. Sol Seed has also been recognized locally by winning multiple awards for “Eugene’s Best Band,” “Eugene’s Next Big Thing” in 2013, and the WOW Hall Awards “Best New Act” in 2011.

The Spark is more focused on ‘the times’ we’re living in than anything else…”

Sol Seed’s new album, The Spark, features a mishmash of guitar strumming and bone-shaking bass prowess reaching across the spectrum, from easy going melodies to head bobbing hip hop grooves. Twelve powerful, tracks naturally cover a large range of musicality and emotion, all self sustaining but also cooperating well as a whole. Sol Seed laid it down hard with this album. The tracks will draw you in, making you stop what you’re doing and focus entirely on the music.

When asked about the direction of the album compared to their previous album titled Family Tree, vocalist, keyboard and didgeridoo slinging Sky Guasco said, “The Spark is different from Family Tree in that we were more involved with the mixing process and were able to spend more time fine-tuning our sound. Track Town Records in Eugene became our home and a comfortable place to be creative. Regarding the music, The Spark is more focused on ‘the times’ we’re living in than anything else. Songs like ‘Respect’, ‘How Could It Be’, ‘One Step’, ‘Chant Down’ and ‘Boom Shot’ are direct reactions to the culture and times we’re experiencing currently. Family Tree was more of a playful record with a variety of styles, guests and big horns. The Spark is a bit more of our ‘rainy day reggae’ sound. More dub, minor chords and powerful messages put more of a focus on the lyrics, something we value very much.”

Fans of reggae, hip hop and soul in general will be pleasantly surprised by The Spark. Sol Seed has created a comprehensive package with outright respect and dedication to their craft, which is both technically influential and musically irresistible. The Spark is set to release on February 24th, 2017. Pre-orders are up now!

Sol Seed is also gearing up for their album release tour a day after the album hits digital shelves, starting off in their hometown of Eugene, Oregon and ending two months later at the Hop Monk in Novato, California. Check the dates below for a venue near you.

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Track listing

  1. Tick Tock
  2. Respect
  3. Warmth and Love
  4. How Could It Be
  5. Possible Obstacles (featuring Samira Lobby)
  6. One Step
  7. The Spark
  8. Campfire
  9. Chant Down
  10. Boom Shot
  11. Good News (featuring Graeme Pletscher and Charles DeMonnin)
  12. Roots

Sol Seed “One Step”

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Release Date: February 24, 2017 • Copyright: ℗© 2017 Sol Seed Music, LLC

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