Stick Figure releases “Easy Runaway” single

Wow. Who would of thought that Stick Figure could get any better? Well, believe it because Scott Woodruff and his band recently released a new single titled “Easy Runaway”. And yes, it is easy to run away from personal worries and melt into this heart-provoking song. The new electronica-inspired track will fulfill your soul from the inside out, with a phenomenal lyric music video to match. If you’re not feeling too hot or even if you’re feeling absolutely fantastic, this video is just right for you. Gorgeous landscapes are paired with melodic music and good-feeling lyrics that will inspire you to leave your worries behind and embrace this life with open arms and an open heart. It’s a dose of uplifting inspiration that everybody needs.

The new electronica-inspired track will fulfill your soul from the inside out…

“Easy Runaway” is the first song to be released from the band’s new album that is now in the works. Knowing Stick Figure’s reputation of holding a spot at the top of the charts from their previous album Set In Stone, released in 2015, the Stick boys will undoubtedly take the lead again. When will this album bless the ears of Stick fans worldwide, you ask? Unfortunately, concrete details of the upcoming album have yet to be revealed although this single sets the bar pretty high until then.

Be sure to catch the band’s phenomenal resonance during Stick Figure’s tour across the United States happening now! The band have joined forces with two equally phenomenal bands, Twiddle and Iya Terra. These will be shows you won’t want to miss! Tickets are selling out fast, so act now to secure yours!

Watch “Easy Runaway” lyric video:

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