Super Hi-Fi introduces 2nd Christmas dub album

The Brooklyn-based reggae and world band Super Hi-Fi is sharing seasonal joy once again in their second consecutive Christmas LP, Yule Analog Vol. II. After their formation in 2010, the four-member ensemble has busted several releases, mostly via Electric Cowbell Records. Their inaugural LP Dub to the Bone in 2012 was named “Reggae Album of the Year” by New York Music Daily and received critical acclaim by the reggae community. Since then, Super Hi-Fi has debuted two 45s on Electric Cowbell Records and one split 7″ vinyl on Peace and Rhythm Records with Ithaca, New York’s Big Mean Sound Machine. Talk about kicking it old-school! Last year, Super Hi-Fi got into the spirit of the holidays and released Yule Analog Vol. I: a heady mix of Christmas classics, dubbed over with major reverb and reggae rhythm.

you simply will be blown away with all the eccentric elements embedded within the album

Well, get ready for round two! Super Hi-Fi introduced the second installment in the Yule Analog series this month, with five holiday favorites and a new one of their own. Vol. II includes “Silent Night”, “O Come, All Ye Faithfull”, “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”, “What Child Is This?” and a smooth tenor saxophone rendition of Nat King Cole’s classic “The Christmas Song”. Super Hi-Fi’s lone original track is entitled “Please Santa Bring Me An Echoplex” which is a great song not only to holiday shop to, but to skank to! That’s right – it’s a rare Christmas ska song, folks! The second half of the LP features alternative versions of the first half, with even more dub added to the mix. Each song exhibits jazzy trombone, Jamaican dub, a touch of funk and ska, and a bit of afrobeat; you simply will be blown away with all the eccentric elements embedded within the album. And not only that, but the entire LP was recorded with friends of Super Hi-Fi lending a helping hand here and there, making it the ultimate conglomerate of sound and style. If you’re a fan of the holidays, of reggae and dub, or just want something different to enjoy the season to, this is the brassy holiday songbook for you!

Yule Analog Vol. II is now available on all digital outlets, as well as Super Hi-Fi’s first full-length Christmas album and all of their non-holiday releases! There are also rumors circulating that the band may have a sophomore LP in the works – purportedly to be released this year, but apparently pushed back. When it finally does surface, the album will consist of 100% original Super Hi-Fi material. So, here’s to 2016 and everything Super Hi-Fi accomplishes (if anything, hopefully Yule Vol. III!)

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Track listing

  1. Silent Night
  2. O Come All Ye Faithfull
  3. The Christmas Song
  4. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
  5. What Child Is This?
  6. Please Santa Bring Me an Echoplex
  7. O Come All Ye Versions
  8. Dance of the Sugar Plum Versions
  9. What Version Is This?
  10. Echoplex (Reprise)

Super Hi-Fi “Please Santa Bring Me An Echoplex” video

Released November 27, 2015 • Very Special Recordings

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