Taj Weekes & Adowa ‘To All My Relations’ album review

Internationally acclaimed roots reggae group, Taj Weekes and Adowa released their 6th album, To All My Relations (TAMR) on October 12th. Recorded and produced by Steel Pulse musician/producer Sidney Mills, TAMR is a vibrant expression of the socio-political climate of America through the eyes of the bandmates. Filling our eardrums with 15 fresh new tracks, Taj Weekes and Adowa deliver an album that is sure to have you thinking about how we can connect with each other. Their songs are imbued with a non-judgemental optistimic vibe that is very much needed now more than ever.

… “TAMR” is a vibrant expression of the socio-political climate of America through the eyes of the bandmates.

“Vibe Up” is the first single off this album and very much sums up the energy of the entire album. Filled with uplifting lyrics of persevering against adversity, “Vibe Up” is a song that is an example of how we can overcome the hardship placed on everyday life through lyrics: “We will stand and fight, we’re no paper lion // we will stand for right or die triumphant.” Even though the song is slow in tempo with a steady reggae riddim, giving it an old-school reggae vintage vibe, the lyrics are powerful and could easily relate to anyone who has experienced any sort of trouble in their life.

Songs like “All Tears Flow” and “You and I” are tracks that touch upon our polarized social climate and how we can overcome our differences. “You and I” is the opening song that exemplify Adowa’s diversity as well as Weekes’ ability to tap into our country’s social consciousness. With lyrics like,”You and I have no war, except the one that we’ve been given // And, between you and I, animosity is driven // The world outside your window isn’t fixed // And, you and I are caught in the mix”, the song reminds us that we are not so different from each other even though the world outside our window tells us otherwise. “All Tears Flow” reminds us that we come from the same place and that we are all equal. “All tears flow from the place, all tears go down the same space // All tears flow down the same source // All tears flow from the same course.” Both of these songs represent how music allows us to take a bad situation and put it in a positive light.

“Big Pharma” is another song off this album that discusses America’s political agenda with familiar sounds of reggae riddim, as well as lyrics reflecting the recurring problems of big corporations taking over the world. It is bursting with guitar complemented by keyboard. “One Little Spark” is another example of Adowa’s musical ability as a band. With its rocksteady tempo and fun, delightful lyrics, the track works to unveil the truth; “Truth can’t be dead // It’ll fashion ways in which to spread // The truth cannot die, it’ll spread its wings and learn to fly.”

Staying rooted in their traditional roots reggae sound, To All My Relations not only pays close attention to the social uproar that America is experiencing, but also uses lyrics that are uplifting and socially aware. You can listen to TAMR via the links below or visit www.tajweekes.com for more information.

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Track listing:

  1. You And I
  2. What Do You Believe In
  3. All Tears Flow
  4. Terror Is Him
  5. Standing Rock
  6. Big Pharma
  7. Vibe Up
  8. Heroin Trade
  9. Narcissist
  10. Insecurities
  11. One Little Spark
  12. 41 Shots
  13. The Lie
  14. Son Of A Bitch
  15. Bullet

Taj Weekes & Adowa “Vibe Up” official video:

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