The Holdup ‘Leaves in the Pool’ album review

Bay Area band The Holdup reinvents themselves with their first full-length release since their late 2013 album Fool’s Gold, Pt. 1. What started as a heavy, reggae-hip hop influenced act has morphed into a more laid back, rock-reggae band graced with mature flair and edgy kicks. The result is a classic sound pulled in a modern direction.

Each track on the album brings something new, exciting, and totally unexpected

Their new record titled Leaves in the Pool, will be released on December 1st and consists of mellow grooves, but they spice it up with classic guitar riffs, reggae influence, and high powered vocals that pack a massive punch. The album is an eclectic cocktail of music from a wide range of character that we’ve come to expect from a Holdup album. The best thing about this band is their versatility. Each track on the album brings something new, exciting, and totally unexpected. From opening track “Neighborhood”, the powerful guitar-driven single with the deceptively pure lyrics, to the sexy number titled “This Ain’t Love,” to “Blink of an Eye” a catchy, dancehall tune with liberally sprinkled rock guitar riffs. Every song on this album celebrates the timeless and classic sounds of reggae and rock, but makes it accessible to the modern listener.

With the help of long-time friend, roommate, and new Holdup guitarist Grant Averill, lead vocalist and guitarist Mike Garmany was able to create something that he considers “truly special and close to my heart”. When speaking about the new influences for the album, Garmany adds, “Grant turned me into a John Mayer fan. 2015 was the year of John Mayer for me. I pretty much exclusively listened to the album Continuum. That got me back into guitar in a heavy way. I kind of left it alone for a while but I’m in love with it now. I don’t think I’ll ever put it down again.”

The Holdup is currently on tour with The Movement, so check out the dates below for a show near you!

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Track listing

  1. Neighborhood
  2. Dumb Luck
  3. Way Too High
  4. Imperfections
  5. Spoken For
  6. Right Away
  7. Blink of an Eye
  8. Hotline Interlude
  9. This Ain’t Love
  10. Wait for Me
  11. Nothin’s on Fire
  12. The Truth
  13. Leaves In The Pool
  14. Almost Famous
  15. Come for You
  16. 10 Karats

The Holdup “Imperfections” official video

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Release Date: December 1, 2016 • Copyright: 2016 The Holdup

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