The Movement ‘Side by Side’ album review

The Movement Side by Side

Like just about any band with numerous albums under their belt, The Movement has slowly but surely left many of their old ways behind and have refined their sound and have really hit the “sweet spot” with their latest and fourth studio release titled Side by Side. The Movement’s first studio album On Your Feet was released roughly a decade ago by the two founding members Josh Swain and Jordan Miller.  Listening to their first studio album, it was particularly apparent, like many in the same genre during that time, that The Movement’s sound was heavily influenced by reggae rock pioneers Sublime, with just a touch of hip hop.

…do not do anything important while listening to the album, because you will get distracted.

Side by Side is a tight, head-bobbing, and genuinely solid album. The tracks are nicely laid out where they don’t stop or end.  Instead, the tracks gracefully rollover each other which is exceptionally rare and greatly appreciated, especially when listening to the album from end to end. The album takes a hold of you completely, engulfing your attention when played back, impinging on your thought processes no matter what you’re doing. Pro-tip to the future listeners, do not do anything important while listening to the album, because you will get distracted.

It’s difficult to single out a track on such a great album, but one does actually stand out.

“Sweet Life” A multitude of melodic keyboard notes and the stinging trumpet playing from guest artist Rafa from the one and only SOJA, turn the track to be one of the most irrepressible tracks on the this 12-song collection.

In conclusion, Side by Side is a great continuation of their previous album One More Night, which we here hold closely and dearly to our hearts. It’s great to see such talent transform over the years and it’s no exception with the release of Side by Side. We’re big fans here at Top Shelf Reggae and look forward to their future releases and upcoming tour with Natural Vibration and The Fear Nuthin’ Band.

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Released Auguest 13, 2013 • Onebaldegg Productions

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