Toubab Krewe new single “That Damn Squash”

Toubab Krewe has officially released a new single “That Damn Squash” off their upcoming album, Stylo, available in early March. This new instrumental fusion will make you jump up, grab your surfboard and boogie on down to the beach – or simply boogie in general. This new song is energetic and spunky, getting you ready for whatever comes your way. The band plans to release Stylo to the public March 2nd, 2018 and start touring this February. With over 77,000 listeners on Pandora and more than 21,000 followers on Facebook, the band has come a long way since they first formed in 2005. Toubab Krewe is an American instrumental band originating from Asheville, North Carolina. Many of the band mates have been friends since childhood and have been playing music together for years. They blend exotic West African instruments, such as the Kora, Kamelengoni and the Soku with electric guitars, electric bass, drums and African percussion. The five band mates ultimately combine North American and West African influences in order to create an exhilarating sound of their own. They have even traveled to Guinea, Mali and the Ivory Coast to immerse themselves in the culture and play with local musicians to better hone their craft.

 This new instrumental fusion will make you jump up, grab your surfboard and boogie on down to the beach – or simply boogie in general.

Why is the new single called “That Damn Squash”, you ask? Well, to celebrate their first album release in seven years, Toubab Krewe has partnered up with a non-profit organization called Seed Programs International. This organization works to bundle and distribute seed packages in an effort to combat hunger and poverty worldwide. Merchandise, seed boxes and Toubab Krewe’s new album are all available for purchase on Pledge Music’s website with a portion of their profits donated to Seed Programs International.

Seed boxes are available so you can sprout your own Toubab Krewe garden while the band begins it’s tour this February, a tour celebrating the new album with thousands of people throughout the U.S. and wrapping up with a bang at the Electric Forest Festival in Missouri this June! Each garden bundle has a seed packet for every song on their new album. There a eight seed packets total and the mix includes a variety of summer squash, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, kale and carrots. The prices are extremely reasonable, too! Explore the links below if you’re looking to get the Stylo album a week sooner via digital download and fight world hunger.

Pre-order Stylo album:

“That Damn Squash” official video:

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