Zander ‘Sunshine State Of Mind’ EP review

On June 22nd, Miami Beach, Florida-based reggae/pop/rock musician Zander has released a new EP called Sunshine State of Mind. The new album vibrates with colors of reggae, pop, funk and rock, and takes his fans to the ocean’s edge. It’s like experiencing of an endless summer. Zander is all about living in the moment and loving everything life throws at you. He takes his light and breezy rhythm, along with with extremely good vibes, to create the kind of magical music that eases away one’s worries – just like a gentle ocean breeze – and then gets them up and dancing with the moment.

It’s like experiencing of an endless summer. 

Zander has been touring all over the United States, which has cultivated him an incredible fan base. He has performed in Latin America, the Caribbean and Australia. Most recently, he hit the road supporting The Wailers on their U.S. national tour. Zander continues to ride this positive momentum with Sunshine State Of Mind, which includes five uniquely groovy songs. The first three tracks were produced by Danny Perez and Keith Cooper, who are from the production team The Pushers in Miami, FL. “I’m Out” and “Ocean Floor” were produced by Phil Mango out of Orlando, FL. Nothing like authenticity when you dedicate an entire EP to state. So, if you’re in Florida this summer, be sure to catch a show! 

Purchase or stream Sunshine State Of Mind EP:

Track listing:

  1. Right Here
  2. Rock Steady
  3. Sunshine State (feat. Bernz)
  4. I’m Out
  5. Ocean Floor

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