77 Jefferson 2014 “Let Me Know” Tour

Starting in their hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, 77 Jefferson is set to take off on a nationwide tour to grace the U.S.A. with their reggae rock music which will include songs from their recently released EP, “Let Me Know.” Having played with renowned musicians, such as Stephen Marley, Luciano, SOJA, and Josh Heinrichs, 77 […]

77 Jefferson ‘Let Me Know’ EP review

In five short tracks, any listener of 77 Jefferson’s new EP will feel like they just experienced the projection of a great relationship The Midwest isn’t an area particularly known for manufacturing notable reggae music, especially not of the island or California reggae variety. However, the 77 Jefferson boys out of Kansas City, Missouri like […]

77 Jefferson “Rocksteady” music video

The Kansas City, Missouri group that call themselves 77 Jefferson released a brand new music video for their brand new album just prior of it’s official release. The album, titled Let Me Know is currently available for pre-order and set to launch in a few weeks on July 7, 2014. For more information about 77 […]