Akae Beka teams with Chronixx in “Black Carbon”

A mastermind of spiritually-conscious reggae, Rastafarian Vaughn Benjamin brings forth music from the grave in his new Akae Beka single “Black Carbon”, featuring reggae revival catalyst Chronixx. Vaughn’s untimely passing in 2019 did not deter Akae Beka’s co-founding member Ron, brother of Vaughn, from releasing yet another beautifully-executed call to action with the late singer […]

Akae Beka premieres sophomore LP ‘Portals’

Since the late 1980s, Caribbean-based Rastafarian Vaughn Benjamin has been producing roots reggae to promote spiritual enlightenment. Vaughn’s music career began when he teamed up with his brother Ron to form the band Midnite – a rootsy project, centering around one love and equality for all of Jah’s people. In recent years, however, Vaughn branched […]