Meta & the Cornerstones drops ‘HIRA’ album

With the world in such disarray, there has never been a more quintessential time to take in the messages of rootsy reggae music to counterbalance the stress of day-to-day life. Tidings of peace, love, and unity have never been more applicable, especially within the United States. With neighbor turning on neighbor, brother fighting brother, the […]

Two new tracks by Meta & The Cornerstones

Roots is the cornerstone of the reggae genre, so naturally the name fits a rootsy project like Meta & The Cornerstones. Born and raised in Dakar, Senegal, Meta found his calling early in life as a self-taught musician performing around the streets of his hometown. Many years later, Meta migrated to the United States, bringing […]

Boston to host 1st annual AfrikCan Festival

Without African influence, reggae would have never come to be in the Jamaican 1960s Jamaica, the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, Latin America, the UK and the continental United States – all are associated in the origin and evolution of reggae music as the world knows it. There is another integral place of reggae ancestry, however, that […]