Desert Daze unveils astounding Artist Transmission for 2024

Calling all evolved Earthlings! It’s almost time to meet in the Valley of the Unbroken Horizon (aka, Moreno Beach in Perris, California) for yet another transcendent experience at Desert Daze — one of the last true music festivals left on this planet. Originating over a decade ago, Desert Daze is an annual get-together of like-minded […]

Desert Daze dazzles with 2019 final artist transmission

Few festivals encompass it all and even less do so with authenticity. Sure, we can gallop off on a weekend excursion to Coachella for hundreds of dollars, witnessing mainstream alt bands from afar, all sweaty and dirty alongside strung out strangers. Let the self-indulgence and vanity consume you, hopefully heading home STD-free (#fakenews???). Big name […]