Through the Roots perform “Dancing in the Rain”

The San Diegans that call themselves Through the Roots perform an amazing acoustic rendition of their track “Dancing in the Rain” from their 2013 album Take You There. Much respect to Sugarshack Sessions for capturing this amazing performance. For more information about Through the Roots, give them a follow on Facebook.

Sugarshack Sessions with Bumpin Uglies “White Boy Reggae”

The Annapolis, MD trio Bumpin Uglies took a visit to the sweet Sugarshack Session’s crib during thier summer tour with Ballyhoo! to perform their hit track “White Boy Reggae” off their 2012 album Go Folk Yourself. For more information about Bumpin Uglies give them a follow on Facebook.

The Expanders “Evilous Number”

Sugarshack Sessions just dropped another fine acoustic video—this time with the classic roots reggae inspired group The Expanders. The SoCal natives perform “The Evilous Number” from their latest self-titled album. To stay up to date with The Expanders, give them a follow on Facebook. For more awesome Sugarshack Session videos, give their site a visit.

The Expanders acoustic performance of “Top Shelf”

Episode 28 from the folks over at Sugarshack Sessions invites The Expanders to the stage to perform their new track “Top Shelf”, a fan favorite during live performances. As usual The Expanders display another flawless session under a beautiful backdrop brought to you by Sugarshack Sessions. Be sure to check out more from The Expanders […]

Ballyhoo! acoustic performance of “Diamonds”

Another fine production by the fine folks over at Sugarshack Sessions. This time in Episode 19, Ballyhoo! takes the stage and gets down performing their hit track “Diamonds” off their 2011 album Daydreams. For more information about Ballyhoo! visit their website here or hit them up on Facebook and Twitter.

Acoustic performance of “Echo” from The Movement

The Movement, midway through their Spring Tour released this amazing acoustic Sugarshack session with new full time member Alific. The beautifully put together music video showcases the now four member group performing their hit track “Echo” from their album Side by Side released in 2013. Catch up with The Movement by visiting their website or […]