9 Mile Roots “Premonition” official video

Guest post by Josh Behun, bassist and vocals for 9 Mile Roots

“Premonition” was filmed with the idea of portraying our high-energy stage show on a small screen. Our goal was to capture all of the antics and emotions that are typically spread out on display across a large stage and compress it all into a small viewing window.

We always strive to be visually as well as audibly entertaining, matching our stage energy to our sound, and maintaining excitement. Feeding off of the crowd, feeling the vibes from the dance floor on stage is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a musician. We are all in this together – the more fun you have, the more fun we have, and vice versa!

“Premonition” is a perfect example of that… There’s a whole lot going on all at once – everyone’s moving, everyone’s grooving, you can’t catch every little nuance all at once, but you might see something you hadn’t seen previously…

We’re really excited for the release of our new album, ReEvolve, this Friday. We’ve been working on it for well over two years now. Yes, there are new sounds, but that’s what progression is all about, right? Hence the album name. We’re really blown away by the early feedback, so we hope that fans of good music in general will give it a listen.

The album is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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