Chainska Brassika debuts “Knowledge is King” video

The mischief-making crew of Chainska Brassika just released their second single “Knowledge is King” off their upcoming sophomore album Skinna… and potheads, you do not want to miss this video. Following the album’s debut single “< a href="/videos/chainska-brassika-releases-bad-habits-video">Bad Habits” earlier this April, “Knowledge is King” slows the skank pit down and ups the reverb to reveal a more psychedelic side to this normally cheeky UK collective.

Created by Chainska Brassika drummer Seth Wallis, the video is a series of black-and-white templates strung together into an animated sequence that stimulates the mind and skanks across your brainstem – for “knowledge” is “king”. Cartoon brains encircle the screen, ebbing and flowing to the beat, as a visual metaphor that education is all-encompassing. Without doing your due diligence in life, you are virtually on a road to nowhere; with acquired knowledge, you manifest your own destiny. The band goes even further by inadvertently suggesting that music is the key to knowledge, for it is a language all its own and can lead listeners to cerebral enlightenment. Although the band briefly touches on abstracts, such as religion and social status, it is clear they promote the personal growth of your own ideas before buying into that of others. So question your surroundings, your existence and your past, present, and your future – but do yourself a favor and smoke a little something before watching this video.

After winning the 1st Annual World Reggae Contest performing at Poland’s Ostrada Festival, Chainska Brassika is going transatlantic to record another full-length album at Harry J Studios in Jamaica next year. But in the meantime, the band will release their long-awaited second LP Skinna this November 20th, with a subsequent tour to be announced. If you wish to catch the tail-end of Chainska Brassika’s European tour, it is ongoing until September 26th when the play in Chester at Durham County Cricket.

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