Chainska Brassika releases “Bad Habits” video

Chainska Brassika, a ska band out of Lewisham, is taking south east London by siege through the release of their infectious single “Bad Habits” off their upcoming debut album. The track’s video was broadcasted shortly thereafter on April 1st via SB.TV – the online equivalent to an early MTV, when promoting exceptional artists and music was its manifesto. Directed by Ig Wilkinson and produced by Tom Kirkman, Chainska Brassika’s stylish new video is currently running circles around the web, escalating the excitement for their full-length album still in the works.

The video is filmed in black-and-white which adds not only a flair of tasteful artistry but subtle irony, considering blatant debauchery is depicted from start to finish. The lack of color is furthermore significant since it paints a mundane mask over the town, a place devoid of adventure unless you make it yourself. At least that’s what Chainska is trying to convey: if you have to color within the confines of a perfectly drawn society, think within the box and support the status quo, “it’s way more fun to step out of line”. That faux pas, of course, is considered a bad habit – what you acquire over the course of your existence to deal with an exceedingly conformist society. What’s a repressed adult to do? Why, drink and skank through the Union Square, of course! Thus, Chainska Brassika encourages the formation of bad habits, even if it’s just to ease the balancing act of being an adult and being an adult with a sense of humor.

Chainska Brassika continues to work on their forthcoming album alongside Nick Manasseh at The Yard under the Westway flyover. The LP follows their inaugural 2013 EP Unwind and the band has not yet disclosed when the album will hit digital markets. Regardless of release, Chainska Brassika is in the midst of laying its unique imprint on the world’s ska scene.

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