DARENOTS unleash “Murda Whistle” video

Toronto-based band DARENOTS are at it again, this time visually displaying their antics in the video for their latest single, “Murda Whistle”. Set to black-and-white and featuring disorienting blurs, the video weaves between an insider look of the band members themselves and what life is like for them on the road. Specifically, what life is like with women you meet on the road. The track “Murda Whistle” is the lead off their latest EP Strange Love, available last month on all digital outlets off LAW Records, and centers around a somewhat succubus-like woman – complete with a recurring whistle somewhat remniscent of the movie Kill Bill. Mix together the party atmosphere of a DARENOTS live show, and you’ve got yourself a loose cannon on your hands. “It’s not the first time she’s looking up from the front row”, and it’s certainly not her last…

But, hey – how can these potentially toxic female fans be blamed? The video proffers a myriad of women showing love for the band cut in between the DARENOT boys being their all-too-lovable selves… whether that’s onstage, at the bar, on a park bench, or inside an In-&-Out Burger establishment. To be honest, this video should’ve been sponsored by In-&-Out with how much affection the video throws that chain. Also receiving love within the video are LAW record brethren bands Pepper and Ballyhoo!, alluding to the fact that although life on the road is riddled with illusion (female or otherwise), it also renders family. So, at the end of the day and when the stage curtain drops, who cares if the track’s female protagonist turns out to be “mad unstable”? When you’re falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of success, “we’re all mad here” – C.S. Lewis.

For more information on DARENOTS, visit www.darenots.com.

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