Galactic updates 1996 classic & shares video for “Something’s Wrong With This Picture”

New Orleans jazz-funk group Galactic has updated their 1996 hit “Something’s Wrong With This Picture”, a single describing the egregious injustice and inequality faced daily by African Americans, complete with a brand new music video! Considering the current state of this divided nation, Galactic players felt compelled to re-release the inspiring track off the band’s debut Coolin’ Off album, adding vocals by Ivan Neville and Anjelika “Jelly” Joseph to the original vocals of band frontman Theryl “Houseman” deClouet, who unfortunately passed back in 2018.

Now, more than ever, people can identify that “Something’s Wrong With This Picture”.

“In light of the current events,” says bassist Robert Mercurio, “we felt the original message of this song has a very strong relevance today.” Considering the novel video for the track was shot inside Tipitina’s, a closed New Orleans nightclub due to COVID, Mercurio adds, “it felt good to see music being played inside the club again.”

But, Galactic doesn’t stop there. The band also donates to The Bail Project through their own charity The Tip-It Foundation, supporting Gulf South’s music, culture and more through the Tipitina’s concert venue. Hopefully, the song’s re-release and the band’s generous actions will spur listeners to further donate to Black Lives Matter foundations moving forward.

For more information on how to donate, join the cause or learn more on Galactic, see the links below.

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