Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad “Signs” official video

After surging to the #1 spot on the Billboard Reggae Charts with their 2016 album Make It Better, the Rochester, New York-based quintet Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad released their new video for “Signs” this week.

Reaching out via Facebook to find an animator, the band was impressed by the work of Cait Davis and hired her after a single video viewing. The video was inspired by early MTV stop motion animations with off-the-wall story lines. There is a ton of nostalgia associated with stop motion animation that beckons its return, and we’re glad to see it make a come back with Panda’s new video.

“It’s great to see Panda fans embracing their new album and connecting to it on so many levels,” says Seth Herman founder of Rootfire Cooperative. He adds, “Over the past 15 years, Panda has been able to successfully traverse many styles with a level of musicianship, passion, and dedication that is relentless. Make It Better is another step in that direction with a relevant theme that is current, but will also stand the test of time.”

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