Iration: How Surfing Makes Music

All hailing from the islands, the members of the alternative-reggae band, Iration, credit Hawai’i for much of the inspiration that crafted their three albums. Though they have been touring nationally since 2008, it hasn’t always been the high-life for their crew of 5, who spent the early days of their career scraping by in a van to open for various well-known artists. After years of perseverance and dedication to what they truly love, Iration can boast many accomplishments including supporting several shows for Sublime with Rome, earning the #1 spot on the iTunes reggae album chart, top 20 on Billboard’s Reggae Album Chart, performances at The Cosmopolitan’s of Las Vegas Thursday Night BLVD Pool Series, Orange County Fairgrounds’ Pacific Amphitheater, and San Diego’s Del Mar Race Track, and have been included in rotation on several radio stations from southern California, the east coast, and Hawai’i.

Big ups to The Surf Channel for the amazing video.

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