Jet West wants everyone to “Wake Up”

San Diego reggae-rock band Jet West has held down the SoCal beach scene for quite some time, jamming at venues up and down the coast and earning an immense amount of loyal fans since their formation in 2009. After only a year, Jet West debuted their inaugural album, Dropping In, to the masses; flash forward another six years: the band has now unveiled a taste of their highly-anticipated second LP Wake Up, due out later this month. This isn’t to say the band hasn’t been busy! Jet West has released several singles and videos over the years in between tours, circulating more and more hype for their sophomore album. With the release right around the corner, cue a music video for “Wake Up” – the upcoming album’s self-titled single.

Jet West preaches that one person’s generosity and humility is all it takes to make change happen

The video was filmed and produced by Kerry Brent Hower of Rack Focus Studios, and really hits home on emotionally-charged imagery relevant to the single’s subject matter. The track is a melodic call-to-action, asking its listeners to “wake up, open your eyes” to the state of the world we live in. We truly manifest not only our own destiny, but the power to make an impact on others. Right now, there is senseless violence plaguing our nation, an election that has spiraled out of control, and the youth of America left politically voiceless – silent witnesses to amounting destruction and corruption. But, how do we react? What can we do? It seems that the more people try to protest for peace and resolution, the more evil we see as a result… so how can one person make any difference? Well, Jet West preaches that one person’s generosity and humilty is all it takes to make change happen, maybe not on a national level, but locally – each and every day in little ways. YOU have the choice to be a better person, a humanitarian, an appreciative and giving soul. The video shows several examples of how to do so, as the band members take a trip to the dog pound to play with abandoned pups, or as they offer pizza to a homeless man in front of the restaurant where they happen to be enjoying a round of beers, or to lend an open ear to a saddened war vet as they visit a cemetary. Be the change you want in this world, and reap the benefits of a better society as a result. If only everyone could follow Jet West’s example… perhaps we would be able to coexist without hate and greed and gore and violence. Maybe, just maybe…

Wake Up is set to release later this month on all major digital outlets off Hidden Reef Records, and the Jet West boys have an August tour all lined up for the occasion! Catch Jet West at a venue on the west coast or Northwest soon, and get more details on their upcoming LP on

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