Kyle Smith & Brendan Clemente chat at Cali Roots X

Top Shelf Music journalist Kristy Rose sits down with two great independent artists at California Roots 10, Kyle Smith and Brendan Clemente! Performing together for the first time, the two chat about their individual efforts in the scene, what’s to come next and how Cali Roots brought the two of them together in the first place. Sharing an acoustic pop-up stage the third and final day of CRX, Kyle and Brendan gear up with an impromptu preview (with some surprises thrown in for good measure).

Stay tuned for the Cali Roots 2019 Day Three gallery, featuring the duo in action! For more information on Kyle and Brendan, visit the links below.

Kyle Smith links: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Brendan Clemente links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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