Roots of Creation revives classic in “Casey Jones” video

Reggae jam band Roots of Creation honors the 50th Anniversary of “Casey Jones”, one of the Grateful Dead’s greats, with the official release of the updated single’s music video. Their modern rendition was part of the band’s Grateful Dub: A Reggae-Infused Tribute To The Grateful Dead compilation — an album that climbed the charts straight to the top!

Filmed between west and east coasts, the new video by Jeff Pliskin features psychedelic shots of trains, spanning city scapes and even Fortunate Youth frontman Dan Kelly! “Trouble ahead, trouble behind”… what a sentiment right now in such an uncertain year. Yet, like the locomotive legend, a little bit of ‘Casey Jones’ tenacity rings true in all of us.

Enjoy the music video above and make sure to follow Roots of Creation on all their endeavors by following them on social media.

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