Spaghetti & Frank covers Tom Petty’s “Jammin Me” with politically-aimed video

Los Angeles punk rock heavyweight Eddie Spaghetti (of The Supersuckers) teams with fellow punker Frank Meyer (of The Streetwalkin’ Cheetas) to form rock n’ roll supergroup Spaghetti & Frank, bringing forth overt political commentary in their most recent cover of Tom Petty‘s “Jammin Me”. Originally co-written in 1987 by Bob Dylan and Mike Campbell in an effort to condemn the direction society was headed, Spaghetti & Frank adds a modern spin to Petty’s counterculture classic.

What a perfect time to revisit the same social disgust of decades prior.

With the impending election, unjust racism and so many other divisive issues during a year marked by a global pandemic, Spaghetti & Frank has had enough. The video contains imagery of inner city traffic, overcrowded subway stations and bustling foot traffic — all of which urge the viewer to slow down. Our lives are too busy with fodder; it’s no wonder we can’t tell what is real or fake news. November is nearing, so let’s vote smart. “I feel like it’s no longer a question of Right or Left,” Spaghetti comments, “it’s a matter of right or wrong. This election isn’t like you’re getting married. You’re not picking your life partner here. It’s more like public transit. You just wanna get on the bus that’s going to take you closer to home than you currently are.”

Meyer adds, “We felt in this current world of reality TV and a reality TV president, this was a perfect opportunity to update [‘Jammin’ Me’] and make the lyrics relevant to today. The election is coming up and I guess this is our statement about where we stand…. and, more specifically, who we do NOT stand with… and that is President Trump.”

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