Top Shelf Music News: Episode 13

Episode unlucky #13 is late. Well, February was a short month, so deal with it! Also deal with your Top Shelf Music News hosts Matt Cook & Kristy Rose for another 11 minutes or so, as they share the latest in the music industry — from pending lawsuits to streaming services to Super Bowls and beyond. Joining the crew all the way from sunny New Zealand is Katchafire drummer Jordan Bell, sharing just how awesome touring without COVID is. Damn New Zealand… Stay tuned for more Top Shelf Music News coming at you shortly! PS, you’re welcome for the ending music video.

*DISCLAIMER*: Top Shelf Music News is meant to be a humorous newscast. We are taking the COVID-19 crisis seriously and wish all those afflicted — in any way — the best. Our moral values of ‘bringing only good vibes’ is applied through this news show in the encouragement of laughter in a time of global hysteria. Opinions expressed in each episode do not reflect the company at large. Cheers 🍻😷

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2 years ago

I loved this episode! You guys rock! Also dug the interview with my favorite reggae band Katchafire! Bless up to Jordy Bell! Respect

Melissa Casaretto
2 years ago

My first time seeing your episodes! That was great! Thanks for giving me a reason to take a break have a good laugh! Keep up the good work! Love Katchafire!