VirtuS gets sensual in “Summer Love Ending” video

Italian reggae artist VirtuS has released a new music video for his nostalgic and moody, yet vibrant and vivacious dancehall hit “Summer Love Ending”. Written, produced, mixed and mastered by VirtuS himself, the song delivers heavy doses of an old-school atmosphere and produces vintage summer vibes molded into a more innovative, modern sound, helping to support an atypical use of the artist’s voice. This, in turn, offers more of a harmonious charm than the distinctive rhythmic “ragga” style VirtuS is known for.

“Summer Love Ending” tells a story — a story that most of us know painfully well.

The song breaks down the foolish notion of holding onto what is meant to fly away. It’s a throwback to the days when we were all just a little bit younger, when those hot and sticky, late summer nights were filled with ill-fated plans of not getting too attached. It shows that we all need love in our lives, even if only for a season.

VirtuS sets the scene right away with his fundamental rule of summer — always have fun. For generations, summer has been a time meant for letting go, enjoying the longer days and breaking a few rules in the name of good times, always keeping in mind to never hold onto experiences that are meant to live in their moments. Knowing that in a short time, this will all be done. We hype up our summer plans with trips, drinks, friends and romances, only to quickly realize this is a difficult endeavor for anyone to do, let alone under the romantic guise of summer. VirtuS builds the tone of this stage of a summer romance in his second verse, where he sings about how he uses the detachment of seasonal flings to shield from the pain of a deeper commitment. Keeping himself free for when the summer ends and he returns to the “normal” we all know so well.

Summer will eternally be the season of love. And, nothing can capture that more than a summer romance.

And, nothing captures the vibe of that summer romance like “Summer Love Ending”. We all have our own version of the Last-Day-Of-Summer: that inescapable realization that it all is coming to an end, a story written in the stars long ago. It is always an end that brings with it a sorrow and a longing to grasp that final day in your hands as long as possible. To stay up as late as you can and hold onto that last sweet taste of summer, remembering nothing but enthusiasm, excitement and adventure from when the summer first began and you felt like you had the world in front of you.

The video, directed by Matteo Montagna of Alternative Productions, radiates the same throwback vibes the song itself brings to the party. With the cuts to old-school style film footage, mixed with modern drone shots, all I felt was a flawless capturing of those perfect, late summer days. Right around mid-September, with the temperature hovering in the neighborhood of 80, a cool breeze breaking through the heat of the setting sun, the amber look in the air that suggests the winds might be changing. There is something about the feel of the whole video that just screams summer’s end.

With the release of “Summer Love Ending”, the pair of creative minds have now established a respectable collaborative library of truly dope videos, including singles such as “Music Fi Fight”, “Pon The Mic” and “Rub a Dub Session”.

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