WORLD PREMIERE: Kings and Comrades “Life Is Alright”

Philly-based band Kings and Comrades have fans excited with their “Life Is Alright” single and subsequent video – both out today! “Life Is Alright” marks the first single off the band’s forthcoming sophomore LP via Roots Musician Records, following their debut album Get Away that dropped in early 2015. With such a deficit between releases, the anticipation is running high to see what Kings and Comrades have in store on the full-length and this uplifting track is more than reassuring it’s going to be a great one.

“Life Is Alright” urges its subject to let go of negative thoughts.

With soft keys and a heavy bass, “Life Is Alright” urges its subject to let go of negative thoughts. “When you’re feeling lost”, immersed in deep despair, let loved ones carry you on. “Rise up, stand tall,” encourages lead singer Jeff McCaughey, “don’t give up… I won’t let you down.” From the minute the track starts, listeners can easily ascertain its overt anti-suicide, pro-love message, thinking that it’s meant for a friend or lover. But, the video goes a step further. In this world video premiere for “Life Is Alright” directed and edited by Garret Laver, the segment ends with a shot of a newborn baby wearing a Kings and Comrades T-shirt. Is this track an ode of protection, from a parent to a child? Regardless of the track’s intention, “Life Is Alright” reminds listeners to appreciate the little things, trust that everything will get better and stay on for a brighter tomorrow. Imagery to support that in the video are blazing sunlight beating against train tracks, cars commuting across bridges, friends walking hand-in-hand on wooded trails… there’s always an unknown road to cross, a fresh window to open, a novel journey to start. And, if you’re can’t seem to shake being stuck, just listen to Kings and Comrades to give you “peace of mind when the mountain gets hard to climb”.

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